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Nexus 8 confirmation appears on the Indian Import database


Will there be a Nexus device? Who will make it? Is it even going to be called Nexus or Android Silver? Those are some of the questions that we have tried to answer for the last couple of months. Rumors of an HTC Google Device and the possibility of no Nexus phone kept creeping up on us with no explanation. Well, today is different, in one of the Indian Database, specifically Zauba, we see the appearance of these devices mentioned above.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen multiple mention of a handset preferred to as the “NEXUS8 PROTOTYPE TABLET” in the India’s Zauba import database. Usually, what follows this are numerous information like screen size and product name, but here is the problem, there is no such information present in these databases. The product is apparently worth around $280, which is what the next Nexus would probably sell for.

So, bottom line, although we do not 100% believe this since it is quite different from the usual database, we can somewhat say such device has the chance of being exist.

Source: Zauba

Via: Pocketnow



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