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Trio Lumias rumored to be released in late summer


For awhile now, the Windows Phone 8.1 platform has gone with the lack of hardware. Yes, there are the Lumia 630 and 635, but they are mid-ranges and although bear a compelling price, it is not substantial. With the acquisition, we expect Microsoft to become more active in releasing new hardware. Well, on the horizon of the end of summer, there are a number of the devices that are rumored to be released this year to go along with Windows Phone 8.1 and the GDR 1 update. Now, we have heard 3 devices so far, the Superman, Tesla, and the heavily rumored McLaren. Today, although we do not have codenames, we got some interesting codenumner and a schedule to bring these phone to the market.


As you see in the schedule, we have 3 model numbers, RM-1017, RM-984 and RM-1028. Two of these, 1017 and 984 have made plenty of appearance in many reports, but this is the first time we heard of the 1028. Can these numbers related to the Superman, Tesla and McLaren? Could be, there are 3 codenames and 3 model numbers. Although we do not have any evidence to justify this assumption.

As you also see in the schedule, rather than announcement date or selling date, we have 3 “sale decisions” for each model, and usually, retail availability happened after 3-4 weeks of this decision. So, with that information and the normal retail availability, the RM-1017 will be released around mid August, while the Rm-984 and RM-1028 will be in the late summer, preferably mid-to-late September. These timelines, again, fit with the rumors for the 3 codenames we have so far, and thus, we make these speculations. But the lack of hardware or more evidence makes me left wondering the reliability of the relation the 3 codenames and the 3 model numbers.

Source: @evleaks

Via: Pocketnow


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