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BBM private Beta for Windows Phone is now available


Although BlackBerry has a lot of problems with their own platform and smartphones, they are actually having some success with their messaging service, BBM. Reported by TechCrunch, the latest number has been 85 million monthly active users, with more than 113 million registered users, I mean, that is a lot. Well, to expand that, BBM is now opening up to Windows Phone.

That is right, you heard it, remember the days when you glue yourself to your BlackBerry? I certainly do, and now, you can do it again, BlackBerry has opened up a Private Beta version of the app for Windows Phone. Well, obviously, it is not the full app, but they still have to test it before publish it. The native apps from the render pictures look nice and clean for Windows Phone’s Modern UI. There are the three usual tabs for the apps: Contacts, Chats and Feeds.

It is quite similar to what you use to have in the native BBM app on iOS or Android. Contact contains your BBM contacts (individual and group contact); Chats has your messages and conversation for group chat, multi-person chat and one-on-one chat; Feed shows you what are all of your BBM contacts are doing, status update and such…

I have signed up for beta invitation, stay tuned for a review of the app soon. Will you download the app when it comes out? Why don’t you join with me today and sign up for a beta invitation too?

Source: Inside BlackBerry

Via: WP Central



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