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Motorola beat Sony to bring out the ultimate selfies smartphones?

imageMotorola is once again is quite eager to wow us with their product. From the handless control, to a round watch, Motorola has been spot on with their touch on each of their products. Well, they want to do this once again. Yesterday, I reported a new Motorola device, deliver through the awesome TK Tech News. He promised that 48 hours or less, he will get more details about the phone, and he is quite cool enough to keep it, and look at what we have today.

In the newest detail, the handset has the front facing camera that is apparent to be a 8-megapixel. The source that was delivered through TK Tech News confirms that after a CPU Z check, the front-face camera “comes in at 8MP.”Now, this photo you see up here is quite blurry, so I can’t be certain if that is a camera with wide-angle lens, but the test known to be quite accurate, so who knows? This could be a new spin for the selfies? Will Motorola beat the Sony for selfies machine?

Source: TK Tech News




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