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OEMs are putting out too many devices?


cellphoneYou know, have a lot of options in the market was never really a problem with me. I mean, I was that one guy that never made fun of the Apple for making too many phone  a year, but time has changed, now that was not even funny anymore just because of one fact, everyone is learning the way Apple work and just, well, succeed it. Look at just this year so far, more than a dozen phones have been put out by OEMs so far. Some for a good reason, and some just because it’s a Tuesday and someone got bored.

And I mean, what is up with that right? Samsung releases 500 variants of their own Galaxy S flagship device, and their mini devices are well…, the same as their yesteryear model, and they also have at least one device for each letter in the alphabet. Just a few weeks ago, they announced 4 new tablets just because it was a Wednesday??? What about Sony, yes, it didn’t release that many devices this year, the fact that the company is willing to put out the same phone this year, the rumors that the Z3 will pretty much have the same specification as the Z2, which is just straight out, useless. Or LG, the Lucid 3 and their line of Mini phone and their L series are just pretty much the same spec wise. HTC has released 3 or 4 line, E8, Desire, One M8, One Mini 2; the thing is, these phones are quite similar to each other. The Desire 816 and One Mini 2 are quite similar, especially the One Mini 2 is similar to its successor, with just a difference of cores, dual v’s quad, which in an S400 is not that much different.

And those are just a few examples, and there is still a lot more, but here is the point, why are they making that many devices? I mean, the Snapdragon 600 in the One M7 or the Galaxy S4 can be the perfect mid-range device? The Z1 is still fresh out the tree and the Snapdragon 800 is still considered a high-end device. It is unnecessary to make that many devices when the price range for it just has a different between $20-$50. The Moto E is the perfect example of that, it was unnecessary to make such a low-end device when you got a mid-range at an already incredibly low price. Now, if that phone was at $100 or lower, then that would
be a different story.

So what is the moral here, OEMs are spending so much time and energy into designing these devices, while thus lack the product control, and led to devices that nobody want to buy. Again, don’t get me wrong, I love having options, but this is not an option, most of the devices I mention has quite a price, but still similar. I know that OEMs have to make money, and there is nothing wrong about that, except they are not, although keep making it does not make it worse. I’m sure that in their own focus group and experiment about this, and there are reasons why they are making this handset. But once again, it is not a thing, but a giant waste of time and money. If they are going to make 5 billion phone, why not make it different, some can be very cheap, that would at least give people a reason to buy it, or one has some unique features, and please stop this madness wave of device, because it is just unnecessary.



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