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Galaxy F renamed Alpha and getting announced next month?


galfLast month, Samsung revealed to us the updated Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, some called it the S5 Prime. This phone brings all the improvement like the QHD display and the Snapdragon 805. However, we still did not get the Samsung Galaxy F with the metal frame and/or backplate. Well, after all, @evleaks has been releasing renders of the device for months now, and today, we received some new report about this handset.

ETNews tells us that the “industry insider” have sourced from inside Samsung, informed the news outlet that Samsung’s metal device will be launched next month, and will be named the Galaxy Alpha. There is no direct relation to the Galaxy F that has been rumored, but with the same specification and might be released to compete with the LG’s LTE Cat6 G3.

If this is accurate, the F (or Alpha) would be announced before IFA 2014, which is where the Note 4 will most likely to be announced, so the question is will there be a Galaxy Note 4?

Source: ETNews

Via: Pocketnow




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