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Microsoft is planing to rename Nokia Camera to Lumia Camera

This one is expected, Microsoft is continuing their conversion for Nokia, and to emerge their brand, by starting to delete the brand name from the app store. We already saw Nokia’s apps changed their maker name, from Nokia to Microsoft Mobile Oy. But now, it seems to be the name itself. What will be the name you ask? Well, the apparent candidate for number camera app for Windows Phone, Nokia Camera will soon be changed to Lumia Camera.

The change has already begin, in the Lumia Help + Tipps for the Nokia Camera Beta app, the line “Lumia Camera uses your system setting for tagging location…” and so for, appears. Step by step, Microsoft has been slowly walking into the fine line of renaming Nokia’s apps from the store, from Nokia to Lumia, to ease the customer into the transition. We’ve also see the Nokia MixRadio app drop Nokia brand from their name, but did not add Lumia to the name due to the fact that the app is not limited to only Lumia.

The big change is coming, and if Microsoft renames the whole Nokia Collection to Lumia Collection in the Windows Phone Store. As we heard before, Microsoft has an 18-months plan of to transiting Nokia product line up, but the Nokia brand is still licensed by Microsoft for the next 10 years. There is no word on the final transition for the Nokia Camera App yet, but the final version for the Nokia Camera Beta would be likely to make the change to the new name, and that should not be too far away.

Source: WP Central



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