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Next version of Windows will include “game changing” feature


We already know that Microsoft is transferring Windows to a more Tablet friendly, we’ve seen it in Windows 8 with a look overhaul, and with Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has been working to apply the same API across WIndows, WIndows Phone and RT. And today, at the Microsoft Partner Conference, Kevin Tuner, the Chief Operating Officer, has told us that Microsoft’s next version of Windows will be including “game changing” features for users, especially enterprise users.

According to him, Microsoft has been “listening and taking feedback” from its partners, consumers and developers, applying to the next version of Windows. The next major update for next year build conference has been rumored with the codename “Threshold” which is possibly will be the Windows and Windows Phone 9 (although there are rumors that the name might or might not be the number name). He also mentioned that this next version “will be a great world-class enterprise OS when it comes out.” We also heard the report that Threshold will be a free update for Windows 7 and 8.1 users (of course, Windows Phone 8.1 too).

As an effort for a unified universe of Microsoft, developers will be allowed to work on apps expanded from Windows Phone and Windows to Xbox Pne platform, as well as larger screen devices, with products made by Microsoft’s Perceptive Pixel division. He also mentions that the API for tablet, phone, laptop, etc…, and pretty much all screen size device will be the same.

Source: Microsoft

Via: WP Central



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