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BBM Beta will be starting on Thursday


As you know, the long awaited BBM has been open registration for BEta tryout since last Thursday, but the Beta app is yet to come. Well, after the registration is full, the Beta version of Windows Phone is coming out this Thursday for a test run, and the app has been updated in the Windows Phone store.

Through our beloved social network, Twitter, Jeff Gadway, head of Product and Brand Marketing for BBM, announces the beta launch date, although he did not give out any more information. It is possible that a few changes are still needed in order to release the Beta. Sign up for trying out has been out since last Thursday, and it was full less than 24 hours of being online, and let the rest on waiting list. This shows how much Windows Phone users need BBM, and they also see an opportunity in this business, as their Blackberry 10 and hardware products are decent, but not selling so well.


So, are you getting BBM on Windows Phone?

Source: Jeff Gadway



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