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Sony Xperia Z3 appears at FCC?


Dear god, this is really happening, or at least that’s what seems to be the case. For more than a month now, we hear about a follow up device for the Xperia Z, and not just rumors. Hardware and benchmark test, as well as screenshots from the devices has been leaked non stop. On top of that, we even heard about a potential IFA and the end of September launch. Well, today, we have a Sony device makes a stop at FCC.

In Sony’s certification documents, the devices modeled PM-0800 and PM-0801, which known as the D6603 and D6616. The papers related these two models to other model number includes D6643 and D6653. These numbers supposedly correlate to region and carrier variant of the base device, D66_ _, and you might recognize the D66_ _ devices by a lot of earlier leaks that has been reported.

As I mentioned, with this rate and amount of leaks, the phone can may well be revealed at IFA, or later in September, and as we remember, 6 months are the life cycle of the Sony Xperia Z(X) line, so a launch this year might be possible.

Source: FCC

Via: Pocketnow



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