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Pre-unlocking phone bill gets through the Senate, one step closer to reimpose consumer rights


For those who are not in the States, unlocking a phone is kind of hard, law and lobbyist make it so that we have to stick to one carrier so for. As we knew from last year, the Digital Milennium Copyright Act prevents unauthorized unlocking of smartphone hardware to become viable to use on a different carrier. For awhile, unlocking smartphones was given to specific DMCA, but failed to renew when necessary. With the whole carrier monopolize the consumer market, many at D.C have been talking to change the law and legitimize unlocking smartphones. The bill called “the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act.”

The bill improves on a similar bill that has already passed  the House, and that gets rid of the restriction on the bulk unlocking of handsets for resale. Now, if this bill passes the House, and go into law, this would require the DMCA exemption to be reenacted, and makes it so that the Library of Congress to be concerned about the exemption before creates more rule on the related topic. In this case, the bill is not a permanent option, but it creates a better “substantial dismantling of the DMCA”-(Pocketnow explains).

In an effort to make this bill becomes a law before this year end, Senator Patrick Leahy is coordinating with House Judiciary Bob Goodlate to make help this go through smoothly.

Source: Senator Leahy

Via: Pocketnow



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