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LG G3 Beat (or S/Mini) shows up surfaces in China


If you’re anything like me, you’d be really confused about this whole LG G3 Mini thing. Not only every rumor about this phone have been different, but we also heard a lot of different name out of this handset. We saw the LG G3 Beat emerged in China at the end of last month with a 5-inch display. Then a user manual for a particular G3 S emerged out of nowhere, and while this does not contain much information, the handset was rumored to be the Beat version of the Western countries. Now, no information on this G3 S yet, but for now, our attention will go back to the Beat, as some new photo emerged in China.

TENAA, a Chinese FCC, has images of an LG G3 Beat, and these are similar to the one we saw last month. Now, there is a catch, the flash we are looking at in this picture is not at all the Dual-flash that shows in the G3. However, this is consistent with the manual for the G3 S, support the existence of this phone. The more information that comes with this, the phone that was mentioned in the G3S manual wears the model number D722, this is the D728, and the rumored model for AT&T is D725, so we can conclude that the D72x is the S/Beat/Mini variant of the G3. It is a matter of time until this phone launch in the global markets.

Source: TENAA

Via: Pocketnow



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