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Microsoft is canceling 3D Touch phone, a bad thing?


Now, as I report earlier, the source WP Central has reason to believe that Microsoft is stopping the development of the project ‘McLaren.’ To be clear, as I explained in the earlier report, this has nothing to do with the fact that Microsoft is laying off 18,000 employees, 12,500 of which is in the Nokia Services and Device division. Because most of them are employees holding positions that Microsoft already occupied with their own. What is this really about? Is Microsoft being super dumb with this idea? I mean, we have not seen any new 8.1 handset yet, and they already plan to cancel another one. Jeez! But then again, is it going to be a good device for Microsoft to put out in the first place?

Define gimmick and special

DSC_1615This is the trap that a lot of OEMs has fallen into. Take Amazon, for example, I got a hand-on with the device at AT&T store today, and I got it admit, it’s a solid device. Despite what I think Amazon is doing wrong, unlike OnePlus, this company did put a lot of thought into the phone (but obviously not enough). The “Dynamic Perspective” works quite well, even if it is just a gimmick, FireFly admittedly works flawlessly. But why is all of that still a gimmick? Because people still can’t find a good use for both of this feature. While the 3D perspective is awesome, in daily use, you can’t find any use for it; what about FireFly? The stock Amazon app on Android and iOS both allow you to do almost the same thing, except music and film recognition, so shouldn’t it just be a paid-up, so you do not have to pay over $600 for your that one feature?

Now, how are all of these related to Microsoft’s McLaren situation? It is because although 3D touch system sound Lumia 9225 reppresent McLarengood, would consumers switch their normal platform for this? “No,” unless if Microsoft can do what Apple does best, convince that you need something even if you don’t. As I mentioned in the article, Microsoft has not found a use with this technology. So, is it wrong that they do not want their “McLaren” to become another Fire Phone? Not really… I mean, if a feature phone like the 1020 does not sell well already, what would a gimmicky phone does? I would honestly fine with that if they can, either position the feature well enough, or find something that would not yell out gimmick when get mention of. Another thing, when the phone rumored to the successor of the Lumia 1020, 41-megapixel is not enough anymore, Microsoft does need something else to not only shows people the Newkia (pun-intended) by Microsoft, but have to be convincing enough that when people hear it, they would say “I wish my phone have it,” which is my point about Lumia products for years. Yes, Samsung is doing very well with its gimmicky phone, but even then, we’ve seen a tune down of unnecessary feature, and really, do we need another Samsung?

The down side

Always, remember, always, there are always both sides of the story, but this will be quite controversial, as the downside will might just overrun the up side, and makes you wonder, should Microsoft just risk it and go ahead, release the gimmicky device. If you haven’t noticed, there are only one high-end Lumia runs Windows Phone 8.1 on the market, and that is the Lumia 930. So why is that the problem, well, because there is only one option. What happens to all the other OEMs? Where is their high-end devices? Since no one is doing anything (beside mid-range phone makers like Micromax or BLU), Microsoft should be the leader, with its almighty Nokia, which already own more than 90% market share of the Windows Phone market. If Surface is the product that is a model for other OEMs to follow, Lumia should also be that line that make OEMs think and learn from Microsoft. I mean, why buy a phone manufacture if you are not going to manufacturing phone? I mean, if Microsoft don’t even put out its own product, why should Samsung, LG or HTC, who are enjoying success with their Android counterparts? This is where buying Nokia being crucial, not only Microsoft has already set to compete with its partner (which as the company explains, will not be a problem as Microsoft will promote all Windows Phone devices), they have to take advantage of the fact that Nokia is the leader of Windows Phone, and should continue to be. Not to overflow the market with only Lumia devices, but set an example, the thing that makes other OEMs go “hah? Yea, that is pretty neat, we should do that too.” With Microsoft’s resource and ability, the amount of Windows Phone 8.1 devices out there in the market is simply not enough. Use the Lumia line to be what the Surface is, a model for Microsoft’s partners. But to be clear, I do not mean price the phone $1000.

What do you think about the fact that McLaren project might be cancelled? Tell me in the comment section below!



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