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Analyst declares that T-mobile is the fastest growing carrier in the U.S.

837T Mobile

Although with the recent allegations about cramming from the FTC-which is already settled after T-mobile provide evidence of their innocence-the company has been taking off since John Legere came on board. With new way to approach customers and innovation in the carrier industry itself, T-mobile has become the favorite destination for people who want to leave Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. So, how well did that serves T-mobile so far? Well, according to John Hodulik, a UBS analyst, US’ fourth largest carrier has been and will remain the fastest growing carrier in the country. This analysis is that after the numbers for Q2 came in, and with these numbers, Hodulik predicts that T-mobile to report a “solid” 7% gain in revenue, even with the slow down in subscriber growth at this time.

We expect T-Mobile to emerge as the fastest-growing wireless company in the U.S., with 7% service-revenue growth as subscriber adds slow but remain solid,” Hodulik said in a research report.”

Now, why is there a slow down, well, it added 1.32 million new subscribers (post-paid) in Q1, which was the best ever for this carrier, and more than AT&T, which gained  around 625,000 new subscribers in the same time period. With that momentum, T-mobile expects (for itself) to gain about 2.8 million to 3.3 million post-paid subscribers by the end of this year, more than what their plans to gain in the beginning of the year, which is 2 million.

Let’s look at others while waiting for T-mobile’s Q2 report, Verizon has added 1.4 new subscribers to its network, while AT&T has added 800,000, a better number from its yesteryear, which is around 551,000.

With this, more and more, everyone hopes that the merger between Sprint and T-mobile will not happen, because with the mother company is Softbank, even if John Legere would be the CEO of the joint company, everyone doubt the freedom he would have in the pro-consumer war against the competition.



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