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First look at Moto G 2?


Throughout this summer, arguably Motorola is one of the most popular to leak device out in pictures. First, we got a leak prototype device that is fully working, courtesy of TK Tech News, we saw not only that, but also some other mystery, unidentified device. We also see some leaks from @evleaks about the Moto X and some other low-end renders. As we are waiting until Motorola’s next event happen, we get another look at a Motorola leaked device, and this time, the device might be the successor of the Moto G.

This model supposedly modeled XT 1068, and this will be the new Moto G, it would keep the original 720p display, internally would be another version of the Snapdragon SoC, and an upgrade in the camera department, from 5MP to 8MP. Dual Sim variant was also rumored to be in the work. Also, from the picture, we see a front facing speaker, so this is a possibility, or this is the next Moto E (also sports a front facing speaker) instead of the Moto G. Further than that, the picture shows nothing more. With this leak, the possibility that this device would launch the same day of the Moto X+1 is higher, although there is no information on launch date from the source.

Source: Mallando Android (Google Translate)

Via: Pocketnow



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