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HTC is getting back in the tablet game?


Now, we heard that HTC is making the next Nexus tablet, and it is rumored to be the 8.9-inch tablet with the NVIDIA SoC. Now, we do not know when will this be ready, but apparently, this is not the only tablet that HTC is working on. To get back into the tablet world, two more models beside the Google tablet is in the work, and set to come out soon.

According to @evleaks, HTC has in the plan, 3 models of tablet in the work. The T1, which is the Flounder/Volantis/Nexus9 tablet. Two others are the T7 and T12. The 3 tablets suggest that HTC suggests HTC is really focusing on the idea of coming back to the tablet game. However, the @evleaks did not reveal to us what we cab ne expecting from the two new devices. Now, the T7 and T12 names can point to the screen size? 7-inch and 12-inch model? We do not know just yet, but in the upcoming months, we might see more tablet from HTC leak out.

Source: @evleaks



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