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One Mini 2 is hitting Verizon shelves this week?


It has been a little while since the introduction of the One Mini 2, innit. The short time after that, we see the rumors were starting to pile up about the name change when the phone hit Verizon, it will be called the HTC One Remix. However, even then, we are not sure when the handset is arrived. According to the trustworthy @evleaks, the device might hit the shelves store (or online) this week.

Specifically, the One Mini 2 Verizon handset, or the so called One Remix, is going to be announced on Thursday, the 24th of July. To be fair, we have not seen any renders or teaser about the phone from Verizon yet, but the timing makes a lot of sense, fit with the timeline, and make, not just me, but a lot of tech news outlet feel confident about this possible launch date. Now, we still have a lot of questions, like will there be any different between the One Mini 2 and the One Remix, how will Verizon price the handset, and when we can actually get the device? Stay tuned until Thursday, if there is a new phone on the block, I got you covered.

Source: @evleaks

Via: Pocketnow



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