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Flexible display, metal frame and OIS camera will be featured in the Galaxy Note 4?


You know, no matter how much you dislike Samsung, you have to admit, the Note line is one of the best lines (not in sale) of smartphone in the market right now. Last year, the Note 3 got quite the success it deserves, and as IFA is coming along, you got to feel excited about the successor of the Note 3, even though we still have the Galaxy F, it is not the only device rumored to have a metal frame.

Follow ET News, the news outlet reports that Samsung is looking into the option of doing a revamp of the Note 4, which is consistent with the tease of a “new form factor” for the next Note device. The rumor from ET News claims that the Note 4 has a metallic design (most likely is the frame) while still retains the plastic components. Also, the source suggests that the handset bears a 16-MP camera that is optically stabilized and a flexible display. Now, the flexible display is quite odd since the chassis is not bendable because it’s metallic. Also, this will be the first ever OIS camera on a Samsung device.

So, tell me, what would you like the Note 4 to have?

Source: ET News

Via: Pocketnow



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