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Microsoft revenue numbers are in, and they look good

Satya Nadella Delivers Opening Keynote At Microsoft Build Conference

Well, we all know that Microsoft is just one big company, but with every business, there are up and down. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 despite doing a lot of things right in my opinion, did not get a great welcome. However, with some recent changes in both platform and new device’s release like Surface Pro 3, and the new Xbox One, it seems like the company is heading toward the right direction.

The latest quarter report shows that in the last 3 months lead to June 30th, the giant from Redmond, Washington has earned up to $23.38 billion for its FY14 Q4, and 18% more than a year ago, and end the quarter with the net income of $4.61 billion. Microsoft also tells us that their Device and Consumer revenue rose 3% to $10 billion, and up to 42% compared to this time frame last year. Also, Windows OEM revenue also progressed up to 3% as well. What about their software services? Well, there Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers succeed 5.6 million users.

fb00c-microsoft-nokiaHardware wise, the joining of Nokia’s Device and Services division in April gives Microsoft another $1.99 billion in revenue for this quarter, the company also gains around $409 million in revenue from the Surface tablet division. And this is irrelevant to the page but, Microsoft also has sold 1.1 million Xbox console, up from its 1 million this time last year.

For the fiscal 2014 year, the company gained around $86.833 billion in revenue, up from $77.849 in 2013, and the net income in fiscal of this year is $22.074 billion, increased from last year $21.863 billion in fiscal.

So, it seems like whatever that Microsoft is doing, it is working.

Source: Microsoft

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