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Verizon new way to bloat your phone is actually better?


For those who ask why don’t I buy my phone from the carrier instead of import them, this is one of the reasons. Beside iPhone, when you walk into the carriers’ store and buy a phone, you never get the full 16GB or 32GB, and what’s worse is, the apps that the carriers put in are those that you probably never use.  Now, don’t take my word for it, but in my personal opinion, Verizon is one of the worst when it comes to software bloat. So, to change that, the carrier thought of something new, and this is one of the few time that it’s good.

From now own, starting with the LG G3, Verizon’s newest flagship, the Verizon’s apps will now be downloaded while you’re setting up your phone instead of came pre-install, and the data that uses to download these apps will not be counted into your plans. “What is the difference?” You asked. Well, when the carrier like Verizon, AT&T or T-mobile pre-install some app, they make it so that you cannot get rid of it. So, by this process, Verizon allows its users to choose what they don’t use, and uninstall it. Now, in theory, it will not only just remove it from the app draw, but also completely remove any data of that app(s) from the phone storage.

Before you get excited about this, in practice, the process has not been as smooth as expected. The process has been tested (not by me) on the G3 from Verizon, and the result is inconsistence: although it works, but some apps deny to be removed from the phone permanently, which would ruin the whole point of the new process, but hey, Verizon is a newbie on this, and maybe it’s working out whatever the company is planning.



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