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Latest hardware leak of the Moto X+1!


Despite all the great device that Android has to offer this year, with the knowledge of what the Moto X can do, the launch of the Moto X+1 is the launch that I’m excited about the most. Around this time last year, we were starting to see promotion, advertisement for the official launch, and I believe I speak for a lot of us here when I say that a lot of us has been holding on to our money for this device. We have seen TK Teck News shows, but today, we see a new leak, provided by the Android Police and it looks promising.

So, why would I say that? Well, design wise, the phone has the very accent of what we come to know from the Moto X. From the bamboo backplate, to the slight round curve on the back, and that dimple on the back. I know right now it looks ugly, but it is pre-production, and I’m sure that they would make some change. Also, remember how we did not see a flash for the camera in the previous leak? Well, if you look at the camera, you will see 2 LED flashes embedded in the ring that surrounds the lens.

Now, although this is quite credible, the leak clears up some question we have rather than add more like a lot of other leaks, and we see what we expected to see of the this new handset, and it makes me more excited to know that everyday is a day closer to the launch of this device.

moto-x1-ap-3Source: Android Police

Via: Pocketnow




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