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Fitbit’s tracking apps has come to Windows Phone 8.1


For those who would like some wearable accessories to go with your smartphones, iOS or Android are usually (if not always) the only way to go, even if Windows Phone is very compelling to you. And while the two big platforms enjoy that perk, the Windows Phone users  always get left behind. But those days are about to come to an end. The famous activity data tracker, Fitbit, has come to Windows Phone.

Now, if you are thinking about buying one of this for your Windows Phone, now is the time, the app for this variable is free, and the only catch is that your phone has to have Windows Phone 8.1 since the Fitbit needs Bluetooth 4.0 to operate with your phone. Beside that, as long as your phone is loaded with the newest version of Windows Phone, you are good to go. Did you download the app yet? Tell me what you think about it.



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