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HTC is working on a One Windows Phone, coming out later this year! (update)


Wow, look at that, it has been quite awhile since HTC release any real Windows Phone handset. Well, we have some good news for HTC fan boy, a few weeks ago, I reported on an HTC W8 leaked by @evleaks. This has been confirmed today, by Tom Warren from the Verge as they reported on an article about the features of GDR1 for Windows Phone 8.1.

In Warren’s tweet for this article, he mentioned about a device that “HTC is working on” and that device will be “a Windows Phone version of the One. Should be out later this year.” That was further referenced in their article:

The Verge understands that HTC is currently testing a version of its One Android handset designed for Windows Phone, so this case support could pave the way for HTC’s Dot View case with its upcoming Windows Phone.”

This handset supposedly will be the W8 that was reported earlier, with Duo Camera and Boom Sound speakers, according to @evleaks. Some source called this model A9, but they all have a similar point, this will be available later this year and will be on Verizon. Phone Arena seems to be speculated that the phone will be called the HTC One (W8). For now, we do not know the details, but what we do know (besides what I mentioned above), is that it will be some kind of a variant of the One (M8), and if so, it will perhaps feature on-screen navigation buttons. Also, the handset will possibly run GDR1 because of the Dot View case that was planned for this device.

Update: Rumored Name: M8 for Windows (I know, it is weird)

Source: Tom Warren (Twitter); The Verge

Via: phoneArena



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