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HTC officially unveils the One M9+

After a few months of endless rumors and leaks, HTC has finally put the finishing touches on its flagship phablet for 2015. The release, while did not involve a big unveiling event, did confirm a lot of the rumors we learned over the weeks. From the fingerprint scanner to the Duo-Camera. All are featured in […]

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HTC is working on a One Windows Phone, coming out later this year! (update)

Wow, look at that, it has been quite awhile since HTC release any real Windows Phone handset. Well, we have some good news for HTC fan boy, a few weeks ago, I reported on an HTC W8 leaked by @evleaks. This has been confirmed today, by Tom Warren from the Verge as they reported on an article […]

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HTC rumored to be release a Windows Phone handset for Verizon

It really has been a long time since the last time HTC released a Windows Phone, and we are tired of all the One-Windows Phone rumors. Well, this time it’s actually a legit news it seems. Verizon has been picking up a lot of high-end Windows Phone this year, from the Samsung Ativ SE to […]