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Facebook patents smartphone manufacturing technique, hints at the First-second?


Last year, Facebook partnered up with HTC to make what we called the world first Facebook phone, and although the device now known as First is a promising device, it fell shortly after launch due to its exclusivity to AT&T and the fact that making Facebook a core experience is not something a lot of people really want to get into. Well, will Facebook get back into the smartphone business? A lot of the things we see today seem to be indicated at just that.

Today, one of the patent that Facebook filed back in March goes public, the patent is about the manufacturing process for mobile handsets, and the image including in the files clearly point at some kind of smartphones.

After the First, is Facebook rolling up its sleeves and take care of business itself instead of depending on a smartphone manufacture? Right now, we do not know about anything. One thing to keep in mind, however, patents can be just ideas, and not necessary to be about actually making something. As of right now, there is a possibility that Facebook is making a smartphone, but there is also a chance of it being just an idea.

Source: USPTO

Via: Pocketnow



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