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Lumia 735 and Lumia 830 have carriers in the US

While they are not a top of the line phones, they are still quite impressive for what it’s offered with the price that they carry, and who would not want that? Well, as a Windows Phone users, I’m very interested in how Nokia brings top of the line camera to a mid-range smartphones. Well, for […]


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Microsoft is on its way to drop the brand Nokia?

“Hey, is that the Nokia with the crazy camera?” “Hey, if I throw that phone on the ground, is the ground going to break?” That are some of the questions you are going to hear when you use a Nokia device in public. Well, that might be the last you hear of it, as rumors […]


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Sorry guys, I know that I haven’t been active enough inn reporting the newest scoop t you guys in the mobile tech-world due to some scheduling I have between handling this site and school. (For those in the US know, this month is when school started again). So, I’ve decided to do a round-up news […]