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Is Apple becoming a ‘me too’ company, or a ‘re-inventing’ company

Yea yea yea, we are all excited for the new iPhone 6 and the new AppleWatch, as well as iOS 8, but the release of the and improve OS, as well as the new form factor have brought up some controversy, as people, especially Android fanboy with the argument: “we already have that”. Now, as […]

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T-Mobile will be carrying the BlackBerry Passport?

You know, T-Mobile and BlackBerry never have a good relationship with each other. While the carrier takes advantage of the large trade in numbers of BlackBerry devices to sell their customers iPhone in return, BlackBerry cut its partnership with T-Mobile US. Now, war like this is not unusual with CEO Legere of T-Mobile, bit it seems […]

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More evidence supports the ‘No Phone in Windows’ rumors

You know, Microsoft is really investing in unifying their platform, and it seems like the next step to doing that is calling everything ‘Windows’, a single Windows platform. Last time we heard, Microsoft will be dropping the word ‘Phone’ from the Windows Phone OS, and later devices will only be called “Windows” phone (not much […]