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T-Mobile will be carrying the BlackBerry Passport?


You know, T-Mobile and BlackBerry never have a good relationship with each other. While the carrier takes advantage of the large trade in numbers of BlackBerry devices to sell their customers iPhone in return, BlackBerry cut its partnership with T-Mobile US. Now, war like this is not unusual with CEO Legere of T-Mobile, bit it seems like the two companies will make up, as the newest leaks of the BlackBerry Passport indicates.

The newest renders of the BlackBerry Passports appeared to have a T-Mobile Logo at the bottom of the handset. Does this mean that the handset will be carried by T-Mobile and exclusively to T-Mobile in the US, maybe, but not exclusively, as T-Mobile usually don’t have exclusive phones.

So, BlackBerry US users, are you going to get a BlackBerry from T-Mobile?

Source: OurBerries

Via: phoneArena




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