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More evidence supports the ‘No Phone in Windows’ rumors


You know, Microsoft is really investing in unifying their platform, and it seems like the next step to doing that is calling everything ‘Windows’, a single Windows platform. Last time we heard, Microsoft will be dropping the word ‘Phone’ from the Windows Phone OS, and later devices will only be called “Windows” phone (not much of a difference is there?). Well, today, as the newest ‘Windows’ phone from My Go leaked, and the absence of the word ‘Phone’ on the Windows brand further confirms this theory.

The phone itself is nothing impressive, due to the fact that the device will be a mid-ranger, but the fact that the whole thing of ditching Phone label (that actually started with HTC and its One M8 for Windows) might hint to a unify platform-Threshold maybe-that will be released soon. But what do you think about ditching Windows Phone brand?

Source: MyGo

Via: Neowin; WP Central



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