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Is Apple becoming a ‘me too’ company, or a ‘re-inventing’ company


Yea yea yea, we are all excited for the new iPhone 6 and the new AppleWatch, as well as iOS 8, but the release of the and improve OS, as well as the new form factor have brought up some controversy, as people, especially Android fanboy with the argument: “we already have that”. Now, as we are ending this week, I have a question for you: Has Apple change to a ‘me, too’ company? Or still, the re-inventing company.

“Guess who surprised themselves and changes their minds?”

samsung adsYou know, that is somewhat true. I mean, after all, the company has not changed their form factor in the past few years, and there is only one reason for that, Steve Jobs’ philosophy about big phone. He did one make a statement like this: “No one is going to buy a big phone.” So I guess that was what Apple sticking to since he resigns as Apple CEO. Let’s look at what happened in the week: the iPhone 6 has two variants, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, both have increased in their size (well, technically, the 6 Plus is new), a 5.5-inch 1080p display is a common specification for phones that are considered flagship this year. What about the 6, well, 4.7-inch is still considered a fairly common size for Android or even Windows Phone in this day and age, I mean, look at the Lumia lines or the HTC M7, 780p screen on that display is nothing to be ‘wow’ about.

By the way, this is not the only time it has changed its mind, remember the iPad Mini? Steve Jobs has repeated many times: “The 10-inch screen size is the minimum size required to create great tablet apps.” He did say that, and two years later, Apple released its first Mini tablet, with the real estate of 7.85-inch. I mean, although I hate advertisement where competitors just bash each other, Samsung has a point, everything Apple did on Tuesday this week was, well, old news. There is nothing that we haven’t seen before. Their openness to third-party apps in iOS 8 is not only behind Google’s Android, but Windows Phone (or “Windows”phone).

No, we are “Reinvents” what we know as Smartphones

Now, don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 6 is nothing ground breaking, but let’s be honest here, Apple usually never the one who actually “invent”stuff, they “reinvents.” I mean, Steve Jobs himself admits:”Picasso had a saying — ‘good artists copy; great artists steal’ — and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.”What does he mean? Well, he brought an already-good idea and make it better. That is the how Apple became (and even Microsoft) and operated, it makes thing better, and the company proud of that.

“If you take something and make it your own… It’s your design, and that is the dividing line between copying and stealing. That is part of Apple’s DNA.”

-Bud Tribble, Vice President of Software Technology at Apple

Look at the original iPhone, it has the best and greatest of BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, as well as all the things that we called back in the days the-new-apple-watch-is-pictured-during-an-apple-event-at-the-flint-center-for-the-performing-arts-in-cupertino-california-september-9-2014-reutersstephen-lamas ‘pocket PC.’ Again, re-inventing, and that is why Apple doesn’t need to, and should not be ashamed about that, or even feel bitter about Samsung new ads, because it might not be the first to make a phablet, but it just wants to make sure that there is a market for it, after all, the company is a multinational corporation, and money are at stake here. Also, while people are mocking Apple of being late to the phablet game, nobody gives it credit for the fact that the company has bravely moved out of its comfort zone, and made something truly incredible-admittedly with need some enhancement.

Well, what do you think, should Apple have realized it sooner that they need a 5.5-inch phone, or it is fair for them to wait and see what works on the market? Let’s fire up the boring Sunday night with some weekend debate.



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