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Korean flagships’ sales fell short of expectation

Even if Apple has made the most profit in the world from their iPhone, the real player Android actually rules the world with more than 80% of global market share. With that, 32% of the 80% is controlled by two Korean companies, LG and Samsung, which in their own rights, are two giants in the […]


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Apple estimates to shift 53 million iPhones in Q2, sustain a “healthy” demand of Apple Watch

Just like any previous iPhone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are selling like hot cake, and it is no exception this quarter. Now, we knew that Apple just recently took over Google as being the most valuable brand in 2015, and with this recent number, it does not seem like things will change […]

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Is Apple becoming a ‘me too’ company, or a ‘re-inventing’ company

Yea yea yea, we are all excited for the new iPhone 6 and the new AppleWatch, as well as iOS 8, but the release of the and improve OS, as well as the new form factor have brought up some controversy, as people, especially Android fanboy with the argument: “we already have that”. Now, as […]