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Korean flagships’ sales fell short of expectation

LG G4 vs Samsung GS6-1-970-80Even if Apple has made the most profit in the world from their iPhone, the real player Android actually rules the world with more than 80% of global market share. With that, 32% of the 80% is controlled by two Korean companies, LG and Samsung, which in their own rights, are two giants in the electronics business. It is more important than ever for the two companies to do well, but according to the latest report, the sales of their flagships are not doing to well.

The sources believe that the Samsung Galaxy S6 sales are below expectation in Q2. Reportedly, Samsung thought that they would post around $2.76 to $3.03 billion. While the figures are up from last quarter, it is 22% below what Samsung made last year, in the same period. Analysts believe that the low figures were caused by the low sale of the Samsung Galaxy S6,

It’s noisy neighbor, LG, is not doing so well for themselves either. Once again, the projected smartphone sale is below expectation. Its flagship, the LG G4, despite critical acclaim, is also not selling well.

However, Samsung and LG are both guaranteed to release new hardware in the fall, and that might just improve the prospect of their sales. The question is, will Apple once again, steal their thunder with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Source: Business Korea



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