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Apple’s thinking about a bezel-less iPhone?

As we’re moving deep into summer, new rumors about the next iPhone have emerged. More importantly, a lot of focuses have been on the handset’s display. Some suggest that the next iteration of the iPhone will have a high-resolution screen, ranged fromĀ 1080p to 2K. Today, we have a new rumors about a bezel free iPhone […]

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Asus to acquire HTC?

HTC has been struggling financially for years now. Not to say that they’ve done everything wrong, the HTC One M9 is fantastic in almost everyway. However, the sale isn’t there to back it up. The company also suffers from many hardware problems, infamously its camera. With that situation, one way the company can survive is […]

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Moonraker, Microsoft/Nokia’s mistery smartwatch

While some might consider the Microsoft Band the first smartwatch the company ever made, most of us refuse to call it a smartwatch. The Microsoft Band, as many have viewed it, is a fitness tracker. So, maybe it’s time for the company to get into the big league with a “real” smartwatch? It seems like […]