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Verizon to launch the ‘Microsoft’ Lumia 735 on June 11

As it has been reported numerous of times, the Lumia 735 that was announced last year is sure to be landing on Verizon. However, since then, we still did not have an official date. Report from various sites and the FCC filing indicate that the phone is landingĀ in the early summer. Well, here it is: […]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus flagship in coming in just a few weeks

Well, overusing a brand name is Samsung territory. Last year alone, there were a total of 12 iterations from the Galaxy S5. It’s a new year, and the cycle has started again. Back in April, Samsung began the years with two Galaxy S6 variants. Rumors of a Galaxy S6 Active and Mini have already overflown […]

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HTC to add another series in its smartphone line later this year

While it might seem that HTC is releasing a Desire every month, compare to other manufacturers. The company has a relatively small portfolio. Well, with the loss in profit from the latest quarter report, combine with the not-so-successful HTC One M9, HTC got to find some way to make more money. One way to do […]