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Apple estimates to shift 53 million iPhones in Q2, sustain a “healthy” demand of Apple Watch

Just like any previous iPhone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are selling like hot cake, and it is no exception this quarter. Now, we knew that Apple just recently took over Google as being the most valuable brand in 2015, and with this recent number, it does not seem like things will change […]


The Microsoft Office official apps for Android is now available

Unlike other, Microsoft usually goes out of its way to provide its app to as many people as possible, instead of locking its features behind the bar that is Windows. Evidently, we saw the Office suite for iOS and Cortana being cross-platform later this year. Microsoft has also been beta-testing its Office products on Android […]

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High power wireless charging adopts by WPC

It is undeniable that wireless charging has made some ginormous steps in the last few years. But for a few reasons, consumers are reluctant to adopt this technology, one of which is charging speed. It is a well-known fact that wireless charging is dramatically slower than wired charging. However, things changed late last ear as […]