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Qualcomm now allows Qi charging on smartphones with metal exterior

While I do love a metal unibody device like the HTC One M9, what I love more is Qi charging, or any wireless charging technology for that matter. Here is the problem: smartphones like the HTC One M9, while gorgeous, are unable to equip some of the latest wireless charging technology due to its metal […]

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High power wireless charging adopts by WPC

It is undeniable that wireless charging has made some ginormous steps in the last few years. But for a few reasons, consumers are reluctant to adopt this technology, one of which is charging speed. It is a well-known fact that wireless charging is dramatically slower than wired charging. However, things changed late last ear as […]

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Samsung declares that 2015 is the “landmark year” for wireless charging

Wireless charging is one of the cooler things about smartphone today. The idea that no wire is required for us to transfer energy to our smartphone is awesome. However, unlike many cool ideas, inductive charging has never caught on. While we have seen some effort to include the feature by various companies, it’s still not […]