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Qualcomm now allows Qi charging on smartphones with metal exterior

While I do love a metal unibody device like the HTC One M9, what I love more is Qi charging, or any wireless charging technology for that matter. Here is the problem: smartphones like the HTC One M9, while gorgeous, are unable to equip some of the latest wireless charging technology due to its metal […]

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High power wireless charging adopts by WPC

It is undeniable that wireless charging has made some ginormous steps in the last few years. But for a few reasons, consumers are reluctant to adopt this technology, one of which is charging speed. It is a well-known fact that wireless charging is dramatically slower than wired charging. However, things changed late last ear as […]

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Why I haven’t left Windows Phone

If you are a Windows Phone users, chances are you are using either a last year flagship or this year mid-range device. Yes, Microsoft and Windows Phone are in a dark place right now, as the platform hasn’t seen a Lumia flagship for a while. Of course, there are a few options on the high-end […]