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Samsung declares that 2015 is the “landmark year” for wireless charging

093ee-samsung-logo-001-640x480Wireless charging is one of the cooler things about smartphone today. The idea that no wire is required for us to transfer energy to our smartphone is awesome. However, unlike many cool ideas, inductive charging has never caught on. While we have seen some effort to include the feature by various companies, it’s still not enough. But one company stays optimistic about the chance of wireless charging, and that is Samsung.

Samsung has just posted a blog post, dedicates it to the topic of inductive charging. The post talks about the history of how wireless charging becomes, how it has enhanced over the years, and how it has made its way to the consumer market. The blog post also mentioned about Samsung’s involvement with the technology in the past, as well as hinting about future commercial product that will revolutionize and mainstream the wireless charging to the consumer market.

Now, what does this mean? Well, for one thing, it seems to be foreshadowing a wireless charging technology to be included in future Samsung product, if not “The Next Galaxy” (aka the Galaxy S6). It is good to see that companies declare a commitment to the new technology that deserve a push or two to help it succeed.

Source: Samsung

Via: Pocketnow



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