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LG: New form factors are not ‘commercially viable technology’

The year was 2002, and Personal Digital Assistant was a big thing among tech geeks and businessman. The time when Sprint was fine and America is still new to the Internet. It was also the start of crazy form factors. Flip phones, rotated phones, Nokia’s weird gameboy-ish phone, etc… That was a good time, and then […]


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New mid-tier SoC is added to Qualcomm’s line up

Qualcomm not just known for the high-end SoC like the Snapdragon 810, it is also known for the lower end model that are living in almost all well-known mid-range device. From the Lumia 400s, 500s, 600s, 700s and 800s series, to Android devices like the Moto G, HTC Desires and Samsung’s Galaxy Minis. Well, today, Qualcomm […]

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Microsoft closed door on Window Phone’s Room

Improvement can mean adding something new, it can also mean removing something that is not that well received. Almost three years ago, Microsoft introduced Rooms alongside with Windows Phone 8 announcement. Room is a space where invited guests can share information to a specific group of people in the room. Well, with the new Windows 10 […]