Carriers News

T-Mobile reportedly past Sprint to take third place in the US market

In the US, carriers’ competition is quite competitive,¬†yet uneven. On one hand, we got Verizon and AT&T that are so far ahead that no one even bother. On the other hand, there is a lower competition between smaller guys that is relatively¬†more even. Well, that competition, right now is between Sprint-who are struggling-and T-Mobile-blooming at […]


Android News

Lollipop-running Xperia appears on benchmark sites

As of right now, the fate of Xperia is in constant threat. Numerous rumors out there suggest that Sony will kill off the brand to focus its investment where it can make the most money. But as of right now, it’s still there, and as long as the brand Xperia still exist, leaks of the […]