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LG: New form factors are not ‘commercially viable technology’

2013 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest TechnologyThe year was 2002, and Personal Digital Assistant was a big thing among tech geeks and businessman. The time when Sprint was fine and America is still new to the Internet. It was also the start of crazy form factors. Flip phones, rotated phones, Nokia’s weird gameboy-ish phone, etc… That was a good time, and then the iPhone came. Everything became minimalist and repetitive, out-right boring. With LG’s new G Flex 2, tech geeks like us are starting to gain some hope again of a new revolutionary thing. Sadly, one of the big company, LG, don’t think it’s a good business decision.

LG’s Ken Hong, Director of Corporate Communication, said that any smartphone designs have to follow a certain limitation, due to parts available from the supplier. He also added that new technology is not viable, commercially:

“I’ve seen the transparent displays. I’ve seen the flexible displays. I’m sure they can make a good phone with them at a rate of one per day. It’s just not a commercially viable technology at the moment…we don’t necessarily have to have an order put in for us to develop something new. We’re willing to develop something new, like OLED, look at all the money we’ve put into OLED, without a single order. We’re able to take those risks and make those investments as a larger company.”-Ken Hong, Director of Corporate Communication LG

He also added that in 2015, he does not expect to see anything new in term of form factors.But to end on a high note, he suggests that in two or three years, we might be able to have a phone that “bend to a greater degree,” a hint of a more bendy G Flex? Hong also hopes that LG will be the one who would “come up with something cool to do before someone else does.”

Source: TrustedReviews

Via: phoneArena



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