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Microsoft took on Twitter to answer question about Windows 10 Insider Preview (for phones)

DSCF0142Last week, we saw the appearance of the Windows 10 Insider preview for smartphones landed on a selected number of Lumia devices. While we are thoroughly enjoying the OS, there are still many questions to ask. So, Microsoft’s Windows Insider spokesman Gabriel Aul took to Twitter to answer some question, and we just got some interesting information out of that.

On the question of the time-table, Mr. Aul estimates that the team at Microsoft will be releasing updates at a rate of “roughly” once a month. Also, Aul took on the problems of installing Windows 10 on unsupported device, and warn the users that XDA hack is risky, and users might have to use the reset tool if the phone is bricked during the process. And while we are talking about the timeline, the project Spartan’s release date is yet to be determined on Preview/Insider Build on both PC and phone version. And to added to that, ETA on Outlook is quite foggy, as Aul reveals that no date has been decided for that yet.

Also, remember the vertical tile that was leaked last week, as well as the large tile that is featured on some of Windows official apps? Well, that is NOT official, meaning that Microsoft is yet to make a decision on whether to keep it, as of right now, it is just experimental. In addition, there will be more tiles sizes and designs to be coming in the next builds updates. Microsoft urges tester to send in feedback to help the company make this kind of decision.

Lastly, Aul clears up all the confusion between the Windows Insider Program (WIP) and the Developer Preview Program (DPP). He explains that WIP is sneak peak into what is considered “earlier in development,” while the DPP is a preview of what considers to be ‘very close to release,’ in other words, the build is in the completing stage.

Source: Gabriel Aul 1,2,3,4 (Twitter)

Via: Windows Central; Pocketnow



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