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Vertical tiles will be available in Windows 10 for smartphone?

vertical tilesMost of us here using Windows Phone are waiting, everyday, for the first preview build of Windows 10 to descend upon us. But for now, we just have to wait for someone to make a mistake, and luckily, one of Microsoft’s employees did. Goes by the name @kitevesku on Twitter, he posted a picture of his Windows set, which of course would include a Windows Phone. However, this particular device has what seems to be a large size tile that stacks vertically.

Windows-10-Phone-portrait-tileYes, maybe Microsoft has finally broken out of its confinement about tiles being just horizontal. This tile appears to be the same size of of the usual large, horizontal tiles. The only difference is, of course, it is standing vertically. And while we are talking about tiles, the setting icon on the tile is also enormous. Of course, this being a mistake to post, the photo has been taken down, but there is little (if not none) to say that this picture has been manipulated.

However, we of course can’t confirm this until we got out first preview build. And even then, there is always a possibility that the vertical tile builds will be left out for later release.

Source: Twitter (@kitevesku) – taken down

Via: Windows Central; Pocketnow


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