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HTC One M9 for Windows is in the work

m8 for windowsYou know, the only problems with the One M8 for Windows is that it was launched 6 months after its Android counterpart. And while there is nothing wrong with the original M8, launching a new device on the same hardware make it seems a bit old. So, how about fixing that problem this year, HTC? Well, according to @Upleaks via Twitter, the Taiwanese company is already one step a head.

However, the plot twist part of the story is that the Windows variant will not be part of HTC’s big event in Barcelona this year, which makes some sense since the One M8 for Windows launched just over 6 months ago. Also, the delay might caused by the fact that Windows 10 is still MIA from the field, and HTC wants its Windows Phone flagship to runs on the latest software available, instead of updating it later. The source also reveals that the device will, once again, just going to be a US-only device.

On that note, HTC has not mentioned anything about the One M8 upgrade to Windows 10, although Microsoft did mention that all WP 8.1 will be able to.

Source: Twitter (@upleaks)

Via: Pocketnow



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