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Microsoft’s Windows Preview is ‘on track’ and hints to be available next week

windows10-logo-100466239-largeIt has been a few weeks seen Microsoft introduces its Windows 10 for mobile devices. However, since then, Microsoft did not reveal to us when will the preview becomes available, other than “sometime in February.” However, the Windows Insider team has been quite active lately, and in a series of tweets, Joe Belfiore and Gabriel Aul revealed some insight about the Preview version for Windows 10.

Gabriel Aul, tweeted out about the old video that Microsoft released after its January 21st event, and hint at a new video next week. Now, a tweet from a user was questioning about the availability of the version. That is when Mr. Aul hints at the possibility of it being available next week. On top of that, yesterday, Joe Belfiore just confirms on Twitter that the preparation for the Developer Preview version is “on track.” While it still needs to be tested internally. But the release seems to be coming up very soon.

Source: @GabeAul



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