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Microsoft confirms its present at MWC with an invite

MWC MicrosoftFor awhile now, Nokia and now Microsoft has been using MWC to launch many of its mid-range devices. This is also the place where last year, it launched its only Android phone, the Nokia X series. While we don’t know if things would change this year, what we do know is that Microsoft has confirmed that the company will be there for a special event with its newest invitation.

Like previous year, we do not expect any flagship from Microsoft. What we do know, from the event in Redmond in January, is that we will know more about Windows 10. Also, while there might be an existence of a new entry-level device, these special devices might be one of the first to be running Windows 10 for smartphone. And while we’re at it, there it also a chance for us to get a closer look at Microsoft’s newest OS for smartphones.

While I won’t be in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, I will be covering it remotely and will update you with the latest from Microsoft and other OEMs.

Source: Windows Central


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