The Microsoft Office official apps for Android is now available

office-android-phone-appsUnlike other, Microsoft usually goes out of its way to provide its app to as many people as possible, instead of locking its features behind the bar that is Windows. Evidently, we saw the Office suite for iOS and Cortana being cross-platform later this year. Microsoft has also been beta-testing its Office products on Android platform. Finally, today, Microsoft has finalized its testing process and officially launches its Office apps for the general public.

If you are a long time users of Office or at least a tester for the Microsoft Office apps on Android, you would know that the suite includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel will be available as separate apps, offer the same functionality as its iOS counterpart; which include being able to view, edit and create documents and presentations. Also, follows the suggestion from the public, Microsoft integrates the apps with many popular file-sharing tools.

While you do need an Office account, the apps are free for download, so if you are a heavy Office users, this is the perfect time to get your documents on the go.

Source: Microsoft



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