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Verizon to launch the ‘Microsoft’ Lumia 735 on June 11

Lumia735_featAs it has been reported numerous of times, the Lumia 735 that was announced last year is sure to be landing on Verizon. However, since then, we still did not have an official date. Report from various sites and the FCC filing indicate that the phone is landing in the early summer. Well, here it is: A leak screen shot of the Verizon schedule shows an official launch date for the handset.

If you want the only selfie Windows Phone on the market right, prepare your wallet for next Thursday, June 11, as Verizon is set to announce the device. Something worth noticing is that while it was revealed under the Nokia brand, the Verizon variant will now bear the Microsoft branding. The phone will also be shipped with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, the latest version of Windows available at the moment.

However, it has been more than six months since the device was announced, meaning most of the interest on the phone has faded. So the question become: Is this launching came a bit late?


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