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Verion’s HTC One M8 for Windows receives Update 2

HTC_One_M8_Windows_Phone_Verizon-578-80With all of this new software from Microsoft and Windows 10, let’s not forget the current operating system that most of Windows Phone is running on right now: Windows Phone 8.1. When it comes to software updates, one of the worse companies is Verizon (we all remember how they screwed up the Galaxy Nexus). Well, in the new year that is 2015, Verizon has changed. The Big Red just became the first US carrier to release the Update 2 for Windows Phone 8.1.

Through a PDF files from the company’s support services, Verizon confirms the release for Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 (Known as General Distribution Release 2, or GDR2) to the public today. Just to refresh your memory, this updates will bring the redesign for the setting menu, MKV support for video, support for Bluetooth Keyboard, App permission toggles and other features. With this release, we can also expect to see the updates come to devices like the Lumia Icon very soon.

Source: Windows Central



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