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Samsung leaks Galaxy S6 Active specification

gs6-active-manualIn the space of the mobile tech world, there are just some phones that everyone know will be announced sooner or later. So, after numerous of leaks and rumors, at some point, you just wonder why the company would bother hiding it. That is the situation that Samsung find itself in with the Galaxy S6 Active. Well, while the company did not officially announced the device, it has posted a support full page on its server, in which answers many question that we have for the phone.

From the look of it in the spec sheet, most of the internal hardware from the Galaxy S6 will carry over to the S6 Active. The disappointing bit is that there is no improvement on the battery, with the same 2550 mAh. Also, there is no mention of a Micro SD card slot or removable back like previous rumors. With that being said, the details on this page seems to be a straight copy of the S6 page, so it might just be a placeholder until the real spec of the Active come in.

From this PDF files, we can also confirm that will be another AT&T-exclusive device. We’ll wait and see if there are any changes to the post and update you with the latest information.

Source: Samsung

Via: Pocketnow



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